‘U Louisa’ Club is one of the oldest of it’s kind in Krakow. Location in the restored rooms of the fourteenth-century cellar provides a unique atmosphere for 18 years. Guests can experience the bar with a great selection of drinks and spirits served by professional bartenders, a large chill-out area, a separate dance floor and VIP room. ‘U Louisa’ is also a lively music scene with live music concerts from various music genres, from climate jam session to the rock sounds. Wednesday to Saturday we hosts a dance party with a DJ where everyone can find the right kind of music for themself.

In addition, also organizes film screenings, meetings with interesting people and exhibition of photographs from around the world. In the whole club is free wi-fi, as well as enhanced range of mobile phones. The Club has also air-condition. ‘U Louisa’ is friendly and open to all, therefore the access to the Club and information are available for people with disabilities – a wide gate Passaż 13 and a lift.


Klub U Louisa

Rynek Głowny 13, 31-042 Kraków

Tel:12 617 02 22