Likus Fashion Concept is an exceptional and truly attractive address in Kraków. When it comes to fashion and a place where you can find the greatest and most influential brands in the world, LFC is what you are looking for. It consists of two separate boutiques on two floors of Pasaż 13. The one that is located in the spacious cellar of the building is divided into ready-to-wear collection for men and women, while the small and intimate one on the ground floor is dedicated entirely for women, who love accessories.
The couture boutique in an old renaissance tenement’s basement boasts with exclusively selected range of garments of the most sublime sort. Our clients can choose from luxurious brands like Gucci, Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen, KENZO, Lanvin or Dsquared – our best selling attire.

Ground floor of Pasaż 13 houses the other butique, which definitely will satisfy all women, who fancy classy and de luxe accessories. A range of bags, shoes, wallets and belts by Jimmy Choo, KENZO, Saint Laurent, Chloe or Gucci with its flagship bamboo bag is accessible at our store.

Likus Fashion Concept is affluent in the most luxurious and highest quality brands and items that will never escape style and quality. Our personnel is professional, courteous and desirous to make all our clients feel en vogue.

LCS level 0 – shoes and bags
tel.12 617-02-13

LCS level -1 – men and women cloaths
tel. 12 617-02-10