Suits with Andre Grand label is a guarantee of manual cutting and sewing delivered from the best English and Italian schools.

The quintessential uniqueness of this garment are fabrics. They come from the best British and Italian manufactures (Loro Piana, Charles Clayton, Dormeuil) and the material to produce it from all over the world.

Some of the yarns have a thickness of 14 microns, so they are four times thinner than a human hair. Cashmere, wool, silk in classic colors and patterns endorses the best.

That’s a top league in this industry. The reason? The suit of this kind of fabric can be shaped like clay, is light as a feather, breathable, silky.

In addition to the above-mentioned fine fabrics manufactures world- high twisted wool SUPER 150S, 160S and 180S, cashmere, silk, best finish are also exclusive extras such as Bemberg lining, refined cotton, handmade buffalo horn buttons, or silk thread.

This is more than a name, it’s a lifestyle.


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